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    This modified xanthogen formate by Florrea is oily collectors, more selective than the
    corresponding xanthate, and can be used over a wide pH range.

    •They are now used in both acid and alkaline circuits
    for copper-molybdenum ores, and in alkaline Zn circuits.
    • In alkaline circuits, they are more selective than their corresponding
    • Florrea flotation collectors are formulated products that are
    designed to improve flotation kinetics and froth characteristics/properties.

    Particularly useful as flotation reagents, specifically collectors in the flotation of molybdenum-bearing copper ores, where molybdenum recovery has been increased by more than 10% without adverse effects on copper recovery.
    · Can be used as a collector in most base and precious metal flotation circuits.
    · Improved recovery of copper in acid circuits
    · Excellent as secondary collector in porphyry copper operations
    · Ideal as blend component in frothers
    Xanthogen Formate Free Sample